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Is sex addiction bad for you?

I am getting worried about my addiction to porn movies. Watching porn movies is not something new to me at all. I have been watching porn movies since I was in my teens. The only difference is that you can now much more easily access porn. It is available online, and sometimes when I work from home, I easily slip into the habit of watching porn online. Am I addicted? I think so, and I am not sure what to do about it.


One of the girls I date at London escorts used to be a full-time porn star in Los Angeles. She thinks porn has become to easy to access. It used to be a premium services on TV, but now thanks to the Internet, it to easy to find. You can even watch porn on your phone, and even some MP's in the House of Commons have been caught out. I would imagine that being addicted to porn is something that can be really bad for you if you are an MP. I keep on wondering if MP's date London escorts?


My boss does not seem to have noticed my porn habit, and I suppose I am really lucky when it comes to London escorts as well. I store all of the London escorts agencies phone number on my phone, and I am glad no one has looked. Some guys who date London escorts like to take dirty photos of their girls, but I have never been into that. I realise that taking photos of the girls I date could cause a lot of problems for me so I don't do that.


Do I pretend that the London escorts I date are porn stars? This is one little indulgence that I am afraid that I am guilty of when it comes to dating. Recently I have even started to make sure that all of the escorts I date are porn stars look alikes. It all started on a recent date when I met a London escort who looked a lot like one of my favorite porn stars. I love watching this particular porn star perform, and when I met this particular London escorts, I could not help thinking about her. You can say I became hooked on the idea of dating London escorts who look like my favorite porn stars.


That is one of the reasons I have got it so bad when it comes to porn movies. With so many exciting London escorts around, it is not to hard to find a girl who looks like your favorite porn star. So far I think that I have found five different girls at my favorite escort service who looks like my porn stars. To me it makes dating London escorts that little bit more exciting, and I am sure that if you enjoy both porn and dating escorts in London, you could have some fun on a night out in London.  I always do, and if you would like a little bit of the same, just get in touch with your local escort agency.



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